Thursday, July 12, 2012

Porch Perfection

Have you been anxiously awaiting the outcome?

Have you been sitting around, biting your nails in anticipation?

No...? That's lie! I know you bite your nails Amy.

Anyway, its finally time to share my completely non-redneck porch!

Do you even remember how bad it was before? Let's go through the laundry list of events that shaped the new, and way better looking back porch:

1. I moved the cinder block into Dan's barn/manarea.
2. Though there is still a massive gap between the porch and the ground, it's hidden a bit by the flower pots.
3. I planted all kinds of cute flowers that seem to be doing fairly well in this part-sun area.
4. I spray painted the original screen door frame, and then we put the screen door back on, and replaced all the screens, including the bottom "doggie door" screen.
5. I scrubbed the dirt off of the house with a car wash sponge, soapy water and bleach.
6. I painted the porch floor, then primed and painted the railings and the back door.
7. My Electrical-Engineer Father-in-law replaced the light fixture. I saved quite a few doll-hairs (as my sister would say) by simply thieving a used porch light from my parents.
8. I didn't really thieve it, they gave it to me.
9. I sanded down the chairs and repainted them with a nice "hammered" silver spray. Now they match the door
10. I bought cheap cushions and matching pillows for the chairs, and then I got an outdoor rug for a steal online.
11. Finally, I made a new "wreath" for the back door that is a bit more summery.

What do you think?


  1. Whoa!!! It looks awesome! You did have me biting my nails in anticipation--I'm trying to grow them out so no more major projects okay?!

  2. Your porch is precious! I especially love the rug and how it all came together!!