Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Quick "Planting"

At the "Black Friday" sale at Home Depot last week, I picked up some $0.88 Pansies and a few $3 English Daisies. The prices are so good that it's nearly impossible to resist. Yesterday I spent roughly 2 minutes "planting" the flowers into my containers from last year.

The Daisies (in their little plastic pot) dropped right into the white milk containers perfectly. For the Pansies, I plopped an empty soda can in each boot for support and then dropped in the hardy little flowers, plastic container and all.

I spent about 20 minutes looking for the wooden bottoms to the white milk tins (also known as Goodwill salad bowls). As you can see, I only found one... my dear husband likes to "organize" "his" barn occasionally -  which basically means that he throws all my stuff into assorted piles. I'm sure you've seen this kind of tirade at your house. Twice a year a man gets an inkling to clean something, and rather than doing the dishes or their dirty clothing, they run into their domains and start whining about how you "never put anything away" or "collect too much junk", etc.

And then they get all high and mighty about their semi-annual cleaning job, as if you have spent the entire year painting your nails and getting a tan. HA!

As you can probably tell in this photo, the stupid paint has worn away from the porch steps... good thing I put so much work into it last year.

Good thing it's no longer my problem!!!

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