Monday, November 11, 2013

Camera Disaster

A few weeks ago, I tried to bring my camera with me on a bike ride. I wanted to show you the true colors of autumn on running trail. But then... absolute and utter terror struck me when I got an error. CHR/CHA Error. My camera now refuses to accept all of my memory cards. I don't know what is going on, but its not good.

I'm going to take it down to the Camera Shop in Colchester and have them examine it. There are two possible best-case scenarios here...

1. It is easily (and cheaply) fixed.
2. It is dead beyond dead / it is going to cost so much to fix that I might as well ask Santa for a new, shiny D3200. Not that I have thought about this before or anything...

So realistically, worst-case scenario is that is it fixable, but it will cost somewhere between $150 and $350 to repar, and it will take weeks to get back. Naturally, this scenario is what I think is most likely to occur.

Either way, consider it my best excuse for not sharing anything lately. I've got things to show you, really I do... but with a picture like the one below (taken using my extremely old and outdated phone) you understand why I'm just keeping quiet instead.

This is my failed attempt at trying to show you my new chandelier.

Wish me luck friends!

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