Monday, February 25, 2013

Betsy's Baby Shower

I know, I know. EVERYONE in my life is pregnant. I'm practically showing you a baby shower every other post at this point. I still have at least one more coming in the next few weeks!

But this shower was for a baby girl. And it's so cute....

As for the details, we (Mom, Aunt Judy and I) made the pom-pom poufs and the doily banners. I cut out the shapes for the "Welcome Ellie" sign and my mom cut the letters using her Cricut machine. The dots in the banner around the fireplace are becoming a staple of my party decor.. they're cheap and very effective at upping the adorable factor.

The chalkboards were my handiwork... and the smaller of the two was actually part of my gift. What little girl doesn't need a gold-framed chalkboard? Actually, to be honest I bought it before Betsy was even pregnant and painted it gold. Then it sat in my basement because I thought it was too girly to go anywhere in my house. When Betsy told me that they would be expecting a girl, I knew that my Disney Princess-esque chalk board would have a home.

For favors, we passed out "sugar and spice" hand scrub in 4 oz jelly jars with this label on the lid. Sadly, I did not take a picture of the jars all together.

It was a good day, lots of "aw-ing" and plenty of sugar and spice, fun and food. I can't wait to meet little Ellie Katherine Sanborn... March 6th is quickly approaching!

PS - I'm ok with the endless showers as long as I get to continue planning them.

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