Friday, March 1, 2013

Atlanta Activites

A few weeks back, I visited my Chemist friend Amy down in Atlanta. Aside from the debacle of trying to get home after the snowpocalypse, it was a great time! I wont go through every detail with you, because I hate reading blog posts from crafters about their travels... and yeah, I do have an entirely separate blog for my travels (which are pretty hilarious, btw).

But aside from the adventures at the Atlanta Botanical gardens (photos here, you MUST see!) and being Flashdanced at the historic Fox Theater, we also squeezed in some craft time!

If you have never made your own soap, I really recommend you give it a try. Not only is this a very easy craft with a relatively small mess, but its also a way to be creative without actually having to do too much thinking on your own.

That last sentence is for all my lazy friends who claim they aren't "creative"... MOM...

So basically, you go to Michael's and buy the soap base, some molds, and essential oils if you like. Then stop by your local farmer's market or your own garden and grab some herbs.

Wow, you're already ready!

Amy and I found that 4 cubes of the goat's milk soap base would fill up the round (or square) molds we bought at Michel's. So we melted them in the microwave for 2 rounds of 30 seconds each. We also found that melting for more than that would end in a soap explosion inside your microwave. Science at work!

Then we added a whole bunch of different combinations to jazz it up. We tried the following:

- orange zest with chamomile tea and almond extract
- dried lavender with oats and lavender extract
- dried lavender with mint leaves and chamomile tea
- oats with chamomile tea and almond extract
- vanilla extract with mint leaves
- coconut with lime juice (not as cool as it sounds)

It was a great activity that let us get creative without taking a whole day. I took home half of the soaps and I have to admit that the orange zest with chamomile tea and almond extract is my favorite - though the tea definitely exfoliates in a kind of harsh way. Give it a try sometime, I promise you wont regret it!

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