Friday, May 17, 2013

Project List

When my Mom and I toured the new house for the first time, I knew we would make an offer. So walking through the house, I was noting how great everything was, and what I would like to change. Luckily, since the house was built in 1997, the changes were all small cosmetic things. Back then, here is what the list looked like:

1. Paint the living room and trim
2. Paint bedrooms and trim
3. Change the kitchen back splash
4. Pickle the heavy wood paneling in the dining room?
5. Replace the vanities in the master and guest bathrooms
6. Screen in covered porch
7. Install electric fence for dogs
8. Paint the house and the trim around windows, etc.
9. Somehow fix the brick on the floor in the library/office
10. Paint kitchen cabinets and install box cabinets to reach ceiling

Long term: 
- make master bath and closet bigger by extending over garage

We have now lived in the house for a week. The list has changed so dramatically that it is literally crazy. This is why it is so important to take the time to really live in your house for a while before making any dramatic changes. I've been telling friends and family that I am going to try as hard as I can to hold off on any big projects until we have lived there for a year. So let's check in again at 6 months and see if I can control myself?

There are some fairly big projects that I hope will happen soon. However, since they are "Mister Projects" - there is no way to know when they will ever happen (usually it takes him a good period of ignoring my requests, followed by his being totally and completely annoyed with my requests. At some point, something in him snaps and he decides to tackle a project before my obnoxious unrelenting requests drive him to divorce me). Anyway here's what we've learned:

1. I'm not "allowed" to paint anything (even sample squares) until all the boxes are unpacked.
2. It seems he doesn't know me very well. 
3. The whole master closet through the bathroom thing is a complete and utter FAILURE. Who had this idea? In the first 4 days of living there, I have had to stand outside the door and wait for the Mr. to leave the bathroom so that I could get dressed about 7 times. 
4. Men spend waay too much time in the bathroom during the morning. 
5. Our living room has no "center"
6. Most of the paint colors in the house are totally fine, but I want to change: 1. half-bath, 2. mudroom, 3. living room, 4. Master bedroom and 5. trim in bedrooms
7. Our pizza oven is not finished 
8. It is going to take us the entire summer (and probably most of next summer) to get all of the landscaping under control. 
9. The fabric covers I ordered for our couch are way too light for our darker doggies

There's more, but I don't want to tire you out. The two biggest projects that will be tackled first are:

1. Adding a door to the closet that IS NOT through the bathroom
2. Closing up a closet in the living room to create a "center" for the TV, couch, everything. Hopefully we can open this closet up from the other side.

Here's a little inspiration for you to think about:

via Fox Meadow

Hopefully I can share some pictures of the unpacking next time I check in!

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