Friday, January 10, 2014


Master bedrooms or "master suites" are weird, aren't they? I mean when you think about it, how strange is it to have a bathroom in your bedroom? Why do they need to go together? Even more odd, how does the closet get involved in all of that?

Yes, I understand how it works. You get up, you fall out of bed and stumble blindly into the bathroom to shower. Then you walk unobstructed (maybe un-toweled?) into your closet and then you are ready to get dressed. It's all nearby so that you don't have to walk down any halls or put on any robes. But what about all of that is really "master" like?

A master should have his or her own wing. That way, bathroom business is separate from sleeping which is also separate from getting dressed. I know, some houses ARE like this. My house, on the other hand, is not.

Here was the sorry state of affairs when we moved in:

As you can see, the walls were an odd shade of yellowy gold. Unfortunately, it was yellowy gold over what seems to be navy blue. In addition, there were many un-painted patches and un-patched holes. The trim was actually a few different shades of cream and tan. But overall, the room is a good size.

The bathroom definitely leaves something to be desired. How many "master" bathrooms do you know that only have 1 sink? How many of them are roughly 10 x 7 at their widest point? (Which is where toilet is directly across from huge vanity.)

Ok, say you know a master suite with a bathroom like that... does the layout of the suite force you to walk through that tiny bathroom to get to the closet?

I didn't think so.

Without a doubt this was the worst thing about this house. Its tough to get dressed for work in the morning if someone else is in the bathroom. Actually, its not tough, it's impossible because you can't get to your clothes because you don't have access. Sure, we could be one of those couples that walks into the bathroom while the other one is using it, but quite frankly, I just wont allow it. There is no need to be that kind of close with anyone.

Clearly, I've gone off on a rant. But basically, that was one wrong that needed to be made right quickly. So while I re-painted and unified the trim, patched holes (so many holes), and tried to choose paint colors for improving the look of the bedroom...

Dan got out the old sledge hammer to improve the functionality. 

And after the destruction comes the reconstruction.

After obscene amounts of shellac (DO NOT BUY TRIM WITH KNOTS) and primer and paint and a second chance e-bay auction, we now have access to all of the clothes and a nice looking bedroom!

So if you've been keeping track, we have done the following:

1. Patched and painted walls and trim
2. Built and installed an awesome sliding barn-style door
3. Gained access to our closet!
4. Purchased gorgeous oak dressers (funny story to come)
5. Bought new blankets and lamps
6. Moved an outlet
7. Displayed our quilts on an old ladder (also a funny one)
8. Put up some art

which leaves:

1. Install curtain rods and new curtains
2. Prime and paint the patches on either side of the door
3. Put something on the wall above the headboard and the wall between closet/bathroom doors
4. Class up the dog beds somehow

That's not very much left. This is without a doubt the closest I have ever been to being "finished" with a room. Although, "finished" is a relative term... I still think I need a different headboard/footboard and maybe I should do something about that bench... the possibilities are endless. 

What do you think? It's a far cry from where we started, isn't it?

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