Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Curtain Call

Remember that time I said I would post more often and then I didn't post for over a month?

That was funny, wasn't it?

The thing is, dear readers, I haven't done too much this winter. I've been lazy. I don't know if it is because I am getting older and slower, or because its winter and when its dark my brain says, "time to sit on the couch and watch Harry Potter marathons." Either way, you haven't missed much.

But with the longer days of February I have started to pick things back up again. I'm sure you noticed on facebook and instagram that work has begun in the dining room. While I can't wait to give you an update on that, we really should cover the old stuff first.

So, curtains.

I never really understood what an impact curtains would have here on Sadlon Road. I strongly considered never having them, its not like we needed the privacy! In Manchester, curtains always darkened the rooms, which were lacking in light to begin with. Additionally, I never wanted to cover up the gorgeous chunky trim with panels. But here in Columbia, the curtains really are, as "they" say, the lipstick of the house. Which reminds me, maybe I should start wearing lipstick...

Check it out.

In the kitchen I added simple tab-top panels from Ikea. They were pretty cheap ($19.99/window) and they seem to get the job done. Our kitchen isn't particularly bright, so having white, light-filtering curtains was a must.

In the office I wanted something with color. The paint in this room is pretty blah, so having panels with a little blue and green adds something on the color scale without clashing with the paintings that cover the walls. They are made from a really cool plaid fabric that I bought years ago thinking it would make good curtains for my Mom's family room. Well, isn't it funny how things come around? I was able to procure additional yardage and sewed these panels over the course of several weeks, like a sloth.

The living room was another Ikea job, although it took me forever to hem the bottom of all of those curtains (10 panels in all). We also finally ordered the wooden blinds for the two windows that did not have them when we moved in.

Last but not least, the bedroom, near completion!

And just in case I have not yet made my point about how curtains make you look like an adult who has it all together, check out the two pictures below...

Not too shabby, huh?

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