Saturday, November 19, 2011

30 Days: Day Four - Wreath Making

Every year for the past 4 years or so, my Mom hosts a wreath making party. All the ladies in the family come over and make their own beautiful wreath chock full of greens. Its always a lot of fun to see how different they all are, and how styles change from year to year.

Due to a prior commitment (UConn Football) I am unable to attend this year's festivities. However, I did hang out at my Mom's all day yesterday making wreaths so that I could post this for you today! There are no instructions, because it's fairly simple... cut some greens and wire them to a wreath form, but I will add a list of the supplies that we have, just in case you want to throw your own wreath party. Christmas Music and Wine are optional, but highly recommended.

Greens of all varieties, because if the storm this year, we were able to have a ton of stuff including cedar, pine, balsam, holly and some other Christmas looking greens that I can't identify. If you didn't happen to have a storm that brought tree limbs to your front door, then you can always just buy a Christmas tree and split up the cost. One tree will probably make 4 wreaths.
Wreath Forms
Floral Wire (a lot of it!)
Wire clippers
Branch clippers (pruners)
Work Gloves!
Pine cones, Christmas Bulbs, etc.
A Pretty Bow.

Now, for your viewing Pleasure:

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