Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas at Glenwood

Some pictures for your Christmas pleasure.

Our living room

Smokey, the stuffed Herman Shorthaired Pointer

fake snow. I always wanted to use this! Growing up we were never allowed to have fake snow or tinsel or fake grass in our easter baskets because my Dad hated it.

Love this year's tree! I don't know if you can tell, but there is tinsel on it!

Lanterns from my wedding

bookshelf behind the tree in the ghost room. Poinsettias on top, where the dogs can't reach

I love the way this ornament reflects the lights

View as you walk in the back door - you can actually see it in this picture, in all it's muddied paw glory.

In the kitchen looking through

You can't see them well, but all of my snowmen are on top of the cabinets

Gold balls in my new china!

 beaded wreaths on the new chairs

My babies.

uh oh.

Thats what Christmas looks like around here anyway. Gotta love that last one... posing for pictures really pooped him out.

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