Monday, December 5, 2011

A GREEN Christmas

Hi again.

I'm glad to see that you endured my complaining in the last post and decided to come back... you are awesome (all 4 of you)! I wanted to share some stuff that's been going on in my house that prove I have been trying to get Christmas going.

First things first - here is my wreath:

I never posted it in my original wreath making post because I hadn't put it up on the fence yet. In my Mom's basement, it just looked like a hot mess... and I don't use that term often. It looked wild and overgrown and shaggy. Totally unlike the style of wreath that I normally make. But since I was putting it out on this blank expanse of pine, I knew it had to be a little out of control. Oh fine, here is a picture I took of it at my Mom's:

Ha, ha, ha, so out of control! But once I added the snowy white Christmas bulbs (balls, ornaments - whatever you call them!) and the snowflake wire, the pine cones and the bow - it looks pretty darn good. One thing that is missing from the picture is the snowy owl I found at JoAnns and added a week later. If I think of it, I'll add an updated picture when I get home... complete with owl.

In other greenery:

This is just hanging out in my kitchen right now, looking festive. The "vase" is actually a gorgeous piece of pottery that was a wedding gift from my Nana and Papa... isn't it awesome? It pains the Mr. to see me buy flowers... he claims they are a waste of money... but I really like them so I do it anyway. The IGA across the street from where I work always has a 1/2 dozen roses for $2.99... so really, if you think about it, it'd be a waste if I DIDN'T buy them at that price!

Finally - the most festive of decorations - our tree:

I know... it's not decorated, and the picture quality is deplorable. But it's a picture I took with my phone about 5 seconds after we got it up, so stop being so picky! You should also note that we don't usually keep leaves on our floor... again, 5 seconds after the tree was up. Judging from the light streaming in from the left side of the photo, our front door was probably still open!

A word on Christmas Trees.

I really love them with their smell and their iconic beauty and the way they occupy space in my ghost room. When I was younger and we moved from a house with 9 ft ceilings to a living room that had a 18 ft ceiling it was like the greatest thing ever because we could get a gigantic Christmas tree. Speaking of that, it seems that every year I get a tree that is too big. Well I did not disappoint this year - After my Dad cut down the tree I picked, I asked him to cut a foot off of the bottom. Then I brought it home and asked the Mr. (who shall be known as "The Grinch" or "Scrooge" for the rest of the Holiday season) to help me put it in the stand. It was about 2 feet too tall. So, from it's original state in the woods, this tree lost 3 feet before finding it's final resting place in our ghost room. That probably explains why it dropped a ton of sap in my hair as I was stringing the lights... all 1,000 of them!

Hope your place is starting to look "green" as well!

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