Monday, December 12, 2011

More Wreaths

Hello and Happy Monday.

I know... Happy Monday is more of a myth than unicorns... But sometimes I can't help myself.

I said I would upload some more pictures of my wreath, so here they are:

Sorry, I couldn't resist adding this pic of my little girl decked out in a red bow. The photo quality is terrible; partly because I used my phone and partly because she doesn't sit still long enough to get a quality photo... certainly not with a phone... and definitely not with a stupid bow around her neck! I think she wiggled out of it like 30 seconds later.

Well I don't want to go bragging all over the internet, but I'm done with my shopping. Done with my indoor decorating and very close to done with the outdoor decorating. It feels really good. I still have to wrap presents and then clean the mess that I have left in my wake, but I've got the feeling I'll be posting pictures sometime this week.

The Grinch had to go to France for work this week so he is all worked up about that. I don't blame him... France kind of stinks... both literally and metaphorically. But it gives me a whole week of not making dinner and not caring about leaving unfinished projects all over everything. So I highly suspect that I will be posting about stuff this week.

Also, I'm going to pick up his present today after work. I hope they show me how to use it... I'd love to know how to use something excessively powerful.

Stay Tuned!

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