Thursday, February 23, 2012


Well friends, it seems my life is slowly returning to normal levels of insane. It's quite the welcome change. I owe most of the new found calmness to the fact that the apartment is nearing the finish line. So to celebrate, I thought I would share some of the awful "before" pictures.

a gift for us... items left on the front lawn

No seriously... they cooked here.

and in here.

downstairs bathroom

yes, this is where they showered! Ugh!

well, they owned cleaning supplies....

nice clean carpet

the living room

in the front room

Upstairs bathroom

I already showed you this nonsense

Want to be a landlord yet?

Not sure why there is a gaping hole here.

oh, so clean.

my skin was crawling when I saw this

they took good care of the wood floors

all the holes my dear husband had to patch

living room after we ripped up the carpet

1980's lighting fixtures abound on this side of the house too

holes again

Look at him go!

this photo had to be extra large to show the holes. Apparently, they really sucked at darts.
So, what do you think? Did it look like a nice place to live? We certainly had our work cut out for us, didn't we? Now, I don't want to leave you completely hanging for the "after"s, so I'll show you one now, and will save the rest for later.
new upstairs bathroom vanity

Upstairs Bathroom with new floor, no mold and a new paint job

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