Friday, February 24, 2012

Before and After, Bathrooms

Since I'm fairly convinced that the bathrooms were the most transformed during this process, I'm going to start showing you the B & As from there. So, if you aren't impressed with these changes, you wont be impressed by anything else... take the next few posts off!

Also, I'd like to see you do better if you aren't wowed.

What do you think? To do the bathrooms, we bought new flooring: Traffic Master Allure in "hickory". The price was $1.49 for sq ft. We also replaced the vanities in both bathrooms. They were $10 each at ReCONN. The drop-in sinks were also from ReCONN and cost a whopping $1 each. New fixtures were $30 each and the tile top that the Mr. and I did together was $5 per sq ft. Overall, a very affordable fix. We did a lot of cleaning and some re-grouting. We kept the mirrors and medicine cabinets and just gave them a good cleaning and/or painting where it was needed.

Stay tuned, I'll be adding more B and As in the coming week!

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  1. since I have seen the renovations in real life, I can say that as much as these pictures show the improvement, they really don't do the final product justice. Most impressive in the pictures is the shower nozzel - I'm not sure I would have wanted to touch the before! Great job, your tenant is very lucky to move into such a nice place.