Sunday, June 17, 2012

Porch Update

On Friday, I did a ridiculous amount of scraping and sanding. 


Aero rested, because as you may not realize... it's pretty hard to be a dog. Bruno made sure no birds or squirrels got too close. I didn't really mean to spend so much time scrapping, but the Mr. was at work and I didn't have any muscle readily available to get the grill off the porch so that I could paint.

So when he finally got home to help, we moved the grill and then he went inside to eat whilst I taped off the siding (because I'm notoriously messy) and then got busy with the brush!

The dogs wasted no time in getting the newly painted porch muddy again.

But even with the dirt, it remains a vast improvement! My rug was shipped on Friday, the patio chairs have been painted and I managed to snag some new cushions for a steal at Walmart (don't repeat that), so things are looking up around here! Once the rails get painted, the light gets replaced and we finally come to a solution for the screen doggie door, this place will be looking quite fresh!

But don't worry about us (me) working too hard... the dogs are resting enough for everyone.

1 comment:

  1. Aero is hard at work trying to find an escape route. No resting for that pup.

    The floor looks good - huge improvement