Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Issac Farms

Hi there.

Just checking in to say hey, and let you know what a fun time I had in Florida the last few days. We went to the Everglades for 2 days and then spent 2 days just kinda hanging around in the sun relaxing.

As you know, I am not good at relaxing. It's just too boring.

So I took off in our rental mini-van (more on that later) to check out a nursery that we passed while driving to the Tamiami Trail on Saturday morning. We had been on our way to the Gulf Coast to do a ranger-led canoe trip in the Everglades, a drive that took almost two hours, when we kept passing these adorable (huge) nurseries selling all kinds of beautiful tropical fauna.  One in particular (Issac Farms) really caught my attention with its plethora of glazed ceramic pots for container gardening.

Check it out.

They used broken pots for mulch, very unique idea!
Soooooo many pots! Every shape and size! 

Air plants (bromileads) are so funky!
The succulent collection did not disappoint!

There were several container gardens on display, each more beautiful than the last

There were hundreds (probably thousands) of these... anyone know what they are?

These tall, skinny pots were about 4 feet tall!

These ribbed colorful containers were some of my favorite

This one container was probable about 3 feet long and 1.5 ft wide. Imagine a cacti garden that big?

So many chickens with this hen!

I was dying to take one of these bad boys home. Alas, they were far too large (6 inch pots) for my suitcase

And I had plenty of creepy friends shopping with me!
Look familiar?

What a sight for sore (snow-blind) eyes!

Basically, this place was amazing. I had a chance to speak to the owner briefly and she was a very kind woman who explained to me that one of the plants I had chosen would die in Connecticut, even if I did keep it inside. Luckily she thought my air plant that I picked up off one of the trails in the Everglades MIGHT survive, if it got plenty of sun from a window.

I did not leave empty handed of course. I promise to show off my treasures later this week... but let's just say that Dan should be real happy there is nothing quite like this place up here.

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