Tuesday, January 10, 2012


*WARNING - photo heavy post with not a single project in sight. You might want to skip reading this if you are impatient like me*

Remember when it was cool to say that? For example, someone would say "Yo, Mom and Pops are away -party" and then you (in your totally cool voice) would say "Word?!" Part question, part declaration. Some times I miss being as cool as I was back then.

Oh yah, I'm definitely kidding about that.

But let's get back to the point here: word. Layla from the Lettered Cottage issued a challenge of sorts for the people of Blogland to come up with a word of the year. Personally, I think resolutions are silly and ridiculous. I'm not one of those people who thinks a new calendar year makes me ready for a change or like I could use a fresh coat of paint somewhere in my house (I could ALWAYS use a fresh coat of paint). It's not a new start people, it's just tax time.

But I kind of like the idea of trying to live up to a word.

So my word for 2012 is Pause/Paws. Yes, I suppose that is more than one word. Stop criticizing!

2011 was a very full year with many time constraints, most of which I imposed on myself to be ready for my wedding, but it's not uncommon to go rushing about from one thing to the next. That's just the way I tend to function, always looking forward, never scoping out today for what its worth (good or bad).

So I'm going to pause, and try to act like I have paws. Cue the world's most adorable:

Heard the phrase, "It's a dog's life" lately? Well, it is... they are just living it up, with their endless toys, table scraps (if you do that... I don't because my dogs fart like crazy) and yes, doggy daycare. I admit I'm guilty, Aero and Bruno go to doggy daycare every now and again. So let's all acknowledge that most dogs lead a great life. But did it ever occur to you that they live a great life because they love it so much?

covered in mud, but he's so pumped!
Stuck on a porch, but it's SO AWESOME!

Dogs love it. They love every single terrible thing you make them do. They love it when you get home from work. They love going to bed, they love looking out the same windows trying to hunt squirrels even though they have never caught a single squirrel, not even once! You take them to the park down the street and it's honestly like you are taking a 7 year old to Disney. "OH MY GOD! IS THIS THE PARK DOWN THE STREET? WE LOVE IT HERE!" And then they run through the same woods, chasing the same deer and geese. Again, they never catch anything, but they keep doin' it!

They pose for the millionth picture even though there is a bird right over your shoulder that they want to chase and bark at.

Do you see how excited she is about the trees falling into our back yard?!

Look Mom, I found my ball that was hiding under the bed!!!!!

And when dogs need a break, they take a little break.

Sometimes they take a nap in the guest bedroom on the WHITE duvet cover. Even when they know they shouldn't!

Then they go crazy again.

They take naps on the porch.

But most importantly, they love and they are loyal. Even after you tell them to stop annoying you with their smoke-alarm bark. Even after you yell at them for going through the garbage, eating 6 cupcakes, and a tray full of stuffed shells. They are unconditionally supportive, and so very proud to be a member of your family.

So in 2012, I'm going to take at least one minute everyday and think "how would my dogs feel about this?" And if Aero and Bruno would rather take a nap than finish painting the apartment next door, well then, by God that's what I'll do! 

What's your word?


  1. *LOVE* the puppy pics, I think your pause/paws word is great. Sometimes you just have to stop for a minute and play, nap, or roll around in the grass!

  2. So.... this leads me to believe that when you see a tray of stuffed shells on the counter, you will just dive in and demolish it! Seriously though, I like your word and the idea of thinking like a dog (and maybe loving like a dog). I would like to add that when I come to your house next time, I fully expect you to come running to the door, hooting and hollering, to greet me!