Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Work, Work, Work!

What does this look like to you?

If your answer is "snow" then you are false. If your answer is "sanded dust from compound wall patches" then holy cow you guessed right!

So, so much compound dust! And guess how it got from the wall to the floor?

That's right, yours truly was sanding for most of the day on Monday. Gotta love that headband!

So, so many patches... and when I wasn't patching, guess what else I was doing?


Yes, cleaning mold and mildew with God's wonder product, Kaboom Stain-buster cleaner. Don't stop reading in a huff, thinking that I'm endorsing my sponsor, Kaboom doesn't even know I exist. It just happens to literally clean anything off of anything... anywhere... ever. So if you have mold problem, you should really invest the $3.50 or whatever it is to pick this stuff up. For some reason, I can only find it for sale at Target.

Anyway, the reason all of this work is happening is because our tenants moved out at the end of December. Yes, fun fact, I am a landlord (by marriage). Our house is a 4,000 sq ft Duplex with a full basement, walk-up attic and barn. I note this because it explains how I have so much space to take home all of my street treasures and then fix them up. I realize that not everyone has the luxury to do so, I'm sorry, you can come live next door to me if you want! Next week there will be fresh flooring, carpets and paint. Plus, you get a fenced backyard, and you get to live next door to me!!! What's more awesome than that?

Ok, a lot of things. But don't say I didn't offer.

So once the work next door is complete (Mr. has seriously been working like a slave over there!) I can show you something very exciting that I have been working on!

But don't hold your breath, cause you know how I am...

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