Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday's Finds

Last Friday I got up real early to heard over to the Victorian House in Franklin, CT. It was about 7:30 or so when I was all dressed and getting ready to eat breakfast when it occurred to the Mr. that I don't usually get up and go on Friday morning. 

"Where are you going?"
"Oh good, can you get me some deodorant?"
"Um, I guess."
"Well what are you going shopping for?"
(long pause) "Are you kidding me?"
"No, you can't go spend money like that" and other rantings...
"Oh relax, it's like a yard sale, I'm not going to Pottery Barn."
"Well fine... but you can't spend more than $3 on any thing."
"I mean it!"
"So do I..."

And that my friends is how you get a man's blood pumping first thing in the morning. But the reason I was able to agree to his crazy demand about not spending more than $3 on any one thing is because the Victorian House was having their semi-annual barn sale, where literally everything is $3.

So here's what I got:

Painting of the wilderness

cool frame that was somehow plastered on to a wooden base


blue croc hat box

old oil can that is going to be a planter

suitcase that is locked shut
Ethan Allen shuttered side table (wish there was another!)

a cool frame with a creepy print and a cool painting with a boring frame

Wicker trunk
funky purple sea urchin bowl
old stitch thing that probably wont work
paint-by-number of a German Shorthaired Pointer (my current dogs) and an English Setter (my first dog)

I also got a fisherman's basket that is currently holding a bunch of plants on the back porch. Oh, and 2 crystal vases for my Mom. All those treasures for $30. Not bad, huh? Even the Mr. can't be mad about that... although I did hear him grumbling about getting all of my "junk" out of his barn.

Tomorrow I am off to the White Elephant sale in Milford (or New Milford, I'm not sure) with Dan's cousin-in-law Becki, who is a set designer for Ethan Allen. Wish me luck!

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  1. So, did you get the deodorant? If so, was it $3.00 or less?