Sunday, April 1, 2012

DIY Ombre Dog

This is a very simple project, that nearly anyone with a dog can do. First things first: you must clean something. It can be your house, your car, your clothes, whatever you like, just make sure SOMETHING is clean. You will not achieve the desired saturation if there is not something clean around.

Next, be a good owner and take your dog out for a run in the woods. If you can, let the dogs off leash to really get the exercise they need.

Inevitably, the dog (or dogs) will find the muddiest puddle within a 5 mile radius, and promptly lay down in it.

They might even sniff it a bit.

When you notice that your dog has layed down in a huge puddle of mud, start screaming like a maniac about how they are going to ruin your clean (house, car, clothing).

When the dogs come running out of the mud puddle, you will notice the ombre technique as the thicker mud slowly slides down to their paws.

Finally, you must laugh hysterically at yourself, and your dog because really, you should have known better.

Happy April Fools Day!* This was scheduled to post on April 1st, but my blogger April Fooled me, and didn't publish it. Good one blogger!

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