Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring is Christmas?

I was just doing my daily blog reading via my google reader, when I came across this post by the Handmade Home. Apparently, Spring is Home Depot's Christmas. And tomorrow... is their Black Friday! Check out the ad for my local store... $0.94 for a 6-pack of annuals, $10 for a 3-gallon hibiscus! What a bargain?

This forces me to start thinking about my "garden". Obviously I use that term loosely, since I tend to have a bit of a black thumb. And my garden exists only in containers since I don't "do" weeding. Here is a little peak at last year's garden.

Last year I had the great benefit of starting with 3 perfectly made containers that were a bridal shower gift from my Mom. I also had some groupons, living social vouchers and home depot giftcards that really made it affordable. As I already mentioned, I'm not a gardener. Luckily, my Mom and my Grandma both are, and it's fairly easy to trick them into helping. Last year, I dragged my Mom around with me to at least 4 different garden places asking her "what should I get?" "What will not die?" She enjoyed it... she said it was great fun to spend my money. But then I made her help me put them into the pots.... hahahahaha.

This year, I have the benefit of pinterest to give me some ideas before I go out there shopping for plants that will die in a few months:
From here
From here - and some of my pots are this color!
From BHG - a great source for wannabe gardeners!
And... in case you were wondering what I might get if I go to the Home Depot Black Friday sale, and spend some money and come home with some goodies.... let the next two pics give you a hint:

From BHG
From Here - a good tutorial on Wellie Planters
Are you ready for Spring?

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