Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bagel Fail

Once upon a Sunday, I tried my hand at making bagels. Why make a bagel, you ask? Well, essentially what happened was that the bagels the Mr. was addicted to (which cost a lovely $0.65 each) started to go downhill. He complained that the bagels were becoming "too hard". And requested that I stop buying them.

But I know how much he likes to have me make him a bagel every morning. And to be honest, I feel a lot better sending him off with a bagel instead of cereal and milk because I know he wont eat it for a few hours.

Do you know what happens to milk that is not kept cool for a few hours?

Anyway, I started buying bagels at Between Rounds... but that would cost me nearly $7 for 5 bagels! Good God! I had seen a recipe from Jess over at How Sweet Eats, and decided I would try it some day. That say was Sunday.

The process was fairly simple. Most of the time it took to make these bagels (nearly 3 hours) was just waiting for the dough to rise.

The bagel making, btw, was a huge risk. If the bagels came out good, I would be stuck making them for an eternity. At the same time, I would always be able to eat fresh bagels...

But since the title of this post is not "the most amazing bagels ever" -  I think you can guess what happened...

They're flat. So flat that it's hard to cut them in half to toast... I think I know what went wrong, and its possible that I can make them better the next time. The taste was pretty good, so I will likely try again. Until then, we have to figure out a way to eat 16 flat bagels....

Oh, and PS - if you try the recipe I gave in the link above... the thing that went wrong was twirling them around my finger. I think it took some of the "rise" out of the dough. In the future I would make them by securing two ends of a long "stick" of dough. They talk about it in the comments section of How Sweet.

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