Friday, March 23, 2012

Irene gets a Makeover

Meet Irene.

You may recognize her from her stint as a model at my wedding:

Here's the thing about Irene... she's kind of a diva. Like a "ruin half of the East Coast because I feel like it by being a hurricane" diva. And the black sequins she was wearing only added to that persona. True story: I bought Irene at the TJ MAXX in North Conway two days before my wedding for $10 and asked my mother-in-law to bring up her wedding dress so Irene could wear it. In the meantime, she stood outside the door of my Grandparent's house with a sign that read, "hi, my name is Irene and I'm one bad mother..."

Lately though, she's been hanging out in my craft room behaving herself. So I decided to do her a favor and help her escape the confines of the black sequin diva attire.

So then, meet the new Irene. She's playful and casual, up for a good time or a nap on the couch. Her casual grey knit suggests, "I'm no longer going to tear up inland Maine to ruin your wedding."

And I believe her. Finally.

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