Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pinterest Pursuits

So if you don't read the most popular blogs on the internet (in my opinion) then maybe you don't know about the:

Well my friends, it's very much like when I posted about my pinterest pursuits (which I would love to make a more regular feature). See, these girls Sherry, Katie and with some new help from Cassie and Erin, challenge their loyal readers to stop pinning and start doing.

I think I'm actually pretty good about making or trying the things I pin. In fact, as I type with one hand (very slowly) I am eating pancakes that I made with a pinterest recipe with the other hand. They are pretty delicious, so if you're interested you should click over to Mom Grind for the recipe.

Back to the challenge... a long time ago I pinned these no-sew roman shades from 365 days to simplicity. And I have very serious plans to actually make them this weekend.

Because these windows need a change... big time.

Stay tuned for the results!

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