Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bulletin Board

Once upon a lunchtime trip to Goodwill, I saw a golden mirror.

It was $4.99, and I thought I should buy it because gold mirrors and gold chalkboards are everywhere you turn. But - its just another one of those things that I like in general, just not in my house. So I decided I would paint the frame, hang it in the living room and ad a bow to bring out a little fem flare.

So I started with this can of mystery blue that I bought a ReCONN a long time ago. It looked good, but perhaps a bit too polished. So I grabbed a raspy looking brush, dipped it in white paint, and brushed on gingerly. Then my hand slipped, and the "ginger" brush turned into a full-on slam of paint. So I quickly grabbed a rag and wiped it off.. guess what happened:

Ahhh, I love it when mistakes turn out to be for the better. Except.... then, the perfect mistake turned out to be the exact same color as the wall of the room I wanted to put it in. So, that was NOT going to fly. I went about the house trying to find another wall where the mirror would look good, but nothing worked.

is this not the cutest picture of my boys?

When I finally dragged the mirror into the mudroom, I found that the color was perfect, but the mirror was all wrong. Defeated, I put it on the floor and waited for a better idea to strike. Later that day, on pinterest, I came across something I pinned a while ago:

Yes, of course! So I ditched the mirror, and proceeded to combine 2 pieces of foam board (why do I save these things?) and covered it with burlap. Booyah. Pretty little bulletin board!

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