Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Pretty Little Fail

My craft room, which is eternally messy, is a nice mix of calm cool blue and sassy hot pink. See?

So a while back, when I bought a $7 mirror at the White Elephant in Milford, I could hear it screaming to be pink and go in my craft room. So I spray painted it red.

What? Like that would be the first time I did something that didn't make sense?

Anyway, when I decided that the red obviously was a mistake, I bought a can of pink and waited. I was trying to find a nice partner piece to go with the mirror. Luckily, Goodwill stepped in and provided this old singer sewing machine and table for $10. STEAL. So I painted the top white, and the legs sassy pink.

I was pretty pumped by how cute it turned out. Pink, but not in a compulsive little girl way. So I started imagining how much easier it was going to be to sew on a nice flat level surface. Because, viola, the table holds the sewing machine platform level with the rest of the table.

Why isn't my sewing machine in that hole you ask? Well, that's where the FAIL comes in. As it turns out, my machine wont fit. It's too small to rest on top/level, and the holes that would normally secure the machine in place (even if it were a tad bit too small) are actually drilled too wide for my machine.

FAIL. fail,fail,fail,fail,fail. (that's not a typo... it's just how you have to pronounce it).

Leave it up to me to not take the time to measure this sort of thing before I go painting. So now I have this sewing table that wont fit my sewing machine. I also have my old desk in the center of the room (the sewing table was going to take its place). Now the room is even messier, and I still don't have a nice level sewing surface.

Le Sigh.


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