Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIY (no-sew) Dog Pillow

In a few short weeks, we will be having a little Birthday Soiree for Aero and Bruno. Is it weird to have a Birthday party for your dogs? Probably... but our families will take any excuse to congregate around a grill and icy cold Igloo cooler.

Aero's birthday was actually July 22, and Bruno's is September 24th, so why not shoot for a day in the middle to celebrate? The big 3rd Birthday party is 2 weeks away, so I decided to try and whip up some festive decor. First things first: a little doggy pillow (or two).

Technically speaking, I did some sewing for the pillows because I didn't have a spare case on hand. So then, if you don't want to sew (again, I'm urging you to pick up sewing, it's quite easy) start with a plain removable pillow case.

Dog graphic
fabric Scissors
Heat n' Bond (same size as your graphic)
Dog-looking fabric

1. First I found two graphics I wanted to use and blew them up in Word. Then I printed them and cut them out. Google Images is the best place to search for stuff like this. Don't worry about using copy-right images, this is just a template.

2. According to the directions for the Heat n' Bond (or whatever fusing no-sew product you use) bond the paper to your dog fabric. I choose a soft brownish tweed, thinking it looked a bit like my dogs.

3. Next I taped down the printed out graphic to the heat n' bond side of the fabric, and traced around it. You might be able to print directly on the heat and bond or freezer paper, but I'm not that advanced.

4. After cutting out the shape, decide where you want it on your pillow case (if you can sew, follow these steps to make the world's easiest pillowcase).

5. Iron down your dog silhouette according to the Heat n' Bond instructions (some products call for a damp cloth to be used)

6. Embellish! I added a collar (using the Heat n' Bond) and then sewed on a small button to look like a dog tag. To avoid sewing, just hot glue it on.

7. Viola! You made an adorable little pillow for your pooch's party. Have a few Oreos to celebrate... I did.

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