Monday, August 6, 2012

House Re-design on Pinterest, Part I

You guys know how much I like to do this, right? And you know that it's ok to not read if you don't care....

Ok, now that we've got that settled, let's examine another house re-design according to moi. In this edition of "Mandy goes wild on Pinterest" I'm going to keep all of the remodeling projects to a reasonable vision and cost, in order to pretend I'm practical.

This house is currently for sale in Granby, listed at $355,000. It has some great elements going for it right off the bat. For example, a nice wrap-around porch and a little scalloped siding on the peak. Off to the left is a 3-car garage. It's a great color and, has clapboard siding. I can't tell you how I loathe vinyl siding.

It's tough to tell from the pictures, but I think the porch is big enough to do some lounging on, which is exactly what a porch is designed for. The only thing I would do out here is paint the ceiling a nice light blue to keep the spiders from climbing. Oh, and add some lounge porch furniture.

Inside the house, we're going to start with the Master Bathroom, because I'm very thrilled at the idea of having a Master Bath. This option is not terrible - there is a jacuzzi tub, separate shower and luckily, no giant wall-covering mirror (looks like someone stole it from atop the sinks).

The bad news is that everything is gray. Why was everything gray in the 80's? I know there is no real answer, but it just seems like an oddball choice. Now, in order to be practical, I am going to leave the gray tub and shower for the time being (but I would put a curtain in front of the doors just to soften it up and add color/texture). But dear Lord, we are trashing the tile. On the floor, I would use the same vinyl (that looks like wood) we have in our upstairs bathroom. Why Vinyl? Because it looks like real wood, but stands up to moisture. I would cover the tile around the sides of the tub with some beadboard, and re-tile the top with something a bit more neutral. Then I would add some gauzy curtains on either side for softness. This is definitely the direction we are going:

I would replace the oversized vainity with something a bit more streamlined. I'd love to have dual pedestal sinks, but in a bathroom like this, storage is a necessity. So a compromise then: Dual Dresser sinks! I love the way the worn wood looks soft against the white beadboard. To keep costs down however, I would use drop in sinks as opposed to a whole new sink/counter combo.

While we are upstairs, let's look into the Master bedroom:

It's good to see that the area above the picture window has a nice tall peaked ceiling. Starting with the ceilings - we need planks. Planks all over the place, because I am obsessed with that look right now. I would do white in the general flat ceiling area, and then a warm stain in the peak, you know, for variety.

Though it makes a huge impact, its actually not super expensive, at least not according to The Lettered Cottage.  And they have plenty of experience with plank ceilings!

What is in that arch window? A paper fan?! Good God! Get rid of it quickly! Arch windows are tricky I think, sometimes they are beautiful, but when done in a 1980's manner they just look kinda "eh". I'd do some serious scouting and try to find a stained glass arch window to be hung within it. It would add color, detail and privacy!

And while I don't particularly like the color in this window, maybe I could find a way to make my own out of bottle bottoms like so:

The bedroom in general:

The nook would be a little sitting/reading area with the bed on the blank wall to the left. I would probably go with blues, greys or greens since those seem to make the best bedroom colors, in my opinion (keep in mind, in this vision - my ceilings are planked, not tray-ed).

Boy it's really shaping up, isn't it? At this point we will have to travel back downstairs since there are no photos of any other bedrooms or baths.

The kitchen in this house is pretty odd. The layout is weird, the shape is weird, it's just bizarre.The first thing I would do here is make the stove and the fridge switch places.

According to the ad, granite counters have been installed since these photos were taken. So the kitchen money would be spent on wood floors (which extend into the family room), a farmhouse sink, getting rid of the sofetts and adding some above-cabinet detail in their place... Additionally, I would change all of the pulls and knobs. Finally I would paint the cabinets, color depending on what the granite looks like.

a nice white options to go with tan/greige counters
grey/green cabinets with a white counter
I don't want to overwhelm you, so let's stop there today... anyway, we have done a ridiculous amount of virtual work already. Part II - living rooms and dining room still to come!

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