Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just keeping things real

I want you to know that my life is nearly always a disaster. I think that its because I find so much amusement in the things that go wrong that I am tempted to write a book every time I do a "project". For example, let me tell you about my adventures in dog bed making.

First things first: Aero and Bruno had both recently pooped in their beds. This is not the kind of thing I have any real urge to clean, so when something like that happens, I just throw everything away. Why yes, that is extremely wasteful, thank you for noticing. I throw away the fleece "blankets" (read: 1.5 yards of fabric completely unaltered) and toss out the nice covers that I made for their beds. I am left with a big crate that needs to be taken outside and hosed down, and a 2 x 3 ft piece of foam that is about 4 inches thick. Long ago I decided to cover the foam in heavy duty plastic/vinyl so that if anything happened, the foam would be safe and I could just use a clorox wipe to clean the plastic.

As a side note, I felt so weird when I bought the vinyl, because it's what a old lady would buy to cover her table cloth. You can picture it, can't you? So I felt the need to explain to the saleswoman at Joann's that I wasn't going to do that. 

Anyway I walked into my craft room after cleaning off the vinyl covered foam. This is what I saw:

Dear Lord! Who snuck into my craft room while I was sleeping and forgot to put everything back into its place? "A place for everything and everything in its place" right Mom? I know that's how I usually live my life... nice and clean and organized.

Ok, so obviously, I had to clean this disaster area before I could sew anything. Because honestly, my sewing machine was buried. Quite literally.

Once this room was finally cleaned up (about an hour and a half later) I gathered all of the supplies for my dog beds... I had the foam, I had the fabric, I had the right color thread... but where was the damn velcro? I know I had some.... Needless to say, I never found it. Instead I went to Target to buy more.

Only, target doesn't sell Velcro. So then I had to go Joanns. They wanted $15.99 for the 6 ft section of iron of velcro that I wanted. I found that to be outrageous, so instead, I bought industrial zippers. I didn't really know what length I needed, so I bought a bunch and brought them all home.

At that point it was like 9:00 and there was no way I was going to start sewing at that point. So I went to bed. That was last Tuesday. have I made the dog beds since then? No, obviously not. Why am I telling you this? Like I said in the title, I'm just keeping things real. One day I will do the dog beds, and I promise to post photos when I am done. In the meantime, just stare and be mesmerized by the awful mess I made and return to your own house tonight thinking, "whew... this place looks pretty damn good in comparison!"

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