Monday, May 21, 2012

Suitcase Strike Out

Good news everyone, I found another trend that I really like... just not in my house. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way - which seems to be my experience with most things. I have been collecting vintage suitcases in shades of blue for a few months now, and I was finally able to buy a luggage rack to display them on. I really loved the idea of the suitcases being a side table, so that's the look I went for below:

But I really wasn't that big of a fan. The light is too high, the suitcases too tall. So I kept trying other variations:

But none of this works... It's too high, there isn't enough light and it all just felt odd... like the frames above the couch. Like the color of the room. I could go on for days, but at this point, with a move highly likely in the next 6 months, I'm not going to start changing things that will create more work for me later (like making more holes in the wall). 

At one point, I had stacked the lamp and the birch pottery dish inside a giant tray that I got as a bridal shower gift from my MIL. It looked cute. No.. it looked great! So I plopped the tray on top of the luggage rack and viola!

I know that the photo above makes it look kind of weird, but with the space available, it's actually perfect to scale. The white built in to the left needs to have open access because that is where I keep the wine glasses and margarita making devices.

The couch on the left is the dog couch, just so you know. They never bother to fluff the pillows and make it look nice. 

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