Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Amy's "Sewing" Shower

As you may recall I have a chemical engineering PhD buddy named Amy. She loves to sew and crochet and all those things that I would also label as "crafty". So when her other bridesmaids and I started thinking about a bridal shower, I knew we should make it related to that. She came home this weekend for the big fiesta, and it was nearly perfect. In my opinion, it was too hot, but living in Atlanta, I'm sure she is accustomed to that by now.

Here's how it all turned out:

I oiled up and brought in my very old sewing machine for the full effect. As you can see, Irene also made it to the party. On the sewing machine we had my Mom's infamous red velvet cupcakes, and some sugar cookies I made.
I made this button monogram (her new last name will be Ethier) and found these old spools at the Mansfield Flea Market
The shower was held at Amy's parents house in our hometown. Her parents have been doing a lot of updating in their house to prepare for the wedding (which will take place in the yard under a tent) and I just couldn't get over how beautiful the fireplace looks! The flowers were brought by another bridesmaid, Lauren.
Along with the flowers, Lauren also brought a ridiculous amount of gorgeous milk-glass vases and serving dishes. She and Emily (another bridesmaid) made the stunning arrangements. You can see a yellow tissue paper pom sticking his head out from behind the vase. Amanda and I made a bunch of those for the shower as well.
I made these embroidery hoop letters by using some fusible paper and pink seersucker fabric. After the letters were ironed on, I embroidered a simple stitch around the outside of each letter. 
You can't see everything, but here is some of the food on the lovely milk-glass pieces. My white chocolate shortbread cookies are hiding behind my chocolate cake (which melted like crazy). Not pictured here is the goat cheese log that was rolled in cranberries, pistachios and walnuts, which was my personal favorite of the entire party. Bridesmaid Giulie was responsible for that item, and said the recipe came from pinterest. 
In the back you can see my cookies popping their heads out. The recipe was one that Amy and Emily had tried in the past. Front and Center are the tags that Amanda made to label the food (which was extremely helpful for the variety of sandwiches that were available). Each tag was placed on a lollipop stick set inside a spool, all tying back to the sewing theme.
For drinks, there was sweet tea, lemonade and peachy white wine sangria. All were fabulous. The paper straws were a deal I got on pick-your-plum!
Lauren brought the bunting, a great addition that was reused from her sister's bridal shower.
I made these cute little dress form sugar cookies... do they look like Irene?
We were very lucky to have two non-wedding party helpers, my mother-in-law (left) and my Mom (middle) who did a great job with the hot appetizers, which were a big hit - even in the sweltering heat!
It was quite the full house!
and Amy received lots of gorgeous gifts!
All of the guests left with a little something: three sugar cookies that I made to look like buttons, in some very cute packaging, if I do say so myself. I made the labels on PicMonkey (my new favorite now that Picnik is gone). I used the pink seersucker again to tie the glassine bags (left over from my wedding) and hot-glued a button on for added charm.

The best surprise of all, was that Corey (Amy's sister and maid of honor) was able to come. She surprised us all by taking a weekend "leave" from the Army and flying in Friday night around 2:00 a.m.! From left to right: Giulie, Amanda, Corey, Amy, me, Lauren and Emily. One big happy wedding party!

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