Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New TV Stand!

This is post 2 of a 3 post series featuring some recent treasures that have found brand new places to hang in my house. And, not to get you too excited or anything... but there will be even more posts after that, because my "workshop" (or, the Mister's Barn, depending on who you ask) is chock full of things anxiously awaiting spray paint.

If you want to give an "Amen" for spray paint season, I won't stop you.

On with it! Back in March I took a trip to the Victorian House in Franklin, you know, the place that had the $3 Barn sale? Anyway, I turned up this old buffet and thought to myself that it would make a spectacular TV stand. The only problem with it was that the 3 drawers in the middle were recessed, and I didn't think our components would fit into the recessed drawers. Plus, I wanted to remove the drawers and turn that area into shelves.

So what I did was marry a man who has a contractor/carpenter for a Grandfather. And then I dropped said buffet into Grandpa Emil's barn with strict directions about what to do. That Emil, he's a good guy. If you know any foxy 80 year old ladies looking for a catch, I will give you his number.

This is how it looked once Emil was done with it:

Yes, I do see how scrolly and scalloped and girlie it looks. But I think you are underestimating the power of paint. The power of 4 cans of white spray paint to be exact:

Isn't it cool? A bit glossy looking in this picture, but it was 6 am, and the natural light that makes for a good picture hadn't shown its face yet. So the components fit... just barely. And we managed to squeeze the speakers into the cabinets too:

But, I think we can all agree that it looks better with the cabinets closed. Yes, I understand the dilemma that creates for actually hearing the speakers, but I've got a solution in the works. It involves the Mr. creating new doors out of either radiator screen or a sheet of caining. Don't hold your breath on it though.

So then, if you really want to see a vast improvement... check out the real before and after effect in our living room.


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