Monday, May 14, 2012

Pinterest Pursuits, Edition 4

I'm sure you've all been wondering what I've been up to lately... after all, doesn't everyone want to know what I am doing at all times? No, I guess you're right.

But, for you dear readers who have invested so much time and energy by reading my rantings, I wanted to give you a little update. Remember my new lab-style cabinet in the craft room? I thought that having the fabric on display might urge me to sew a bit more, and it turns out, it did! Although oddly enough the fabric I used for this project was stored in a bin in the attic.

A few months ago, I saw this adorable bow clutch on Pinterest. I LOVE the internet, did I ever mention that? Specifically, I love pinterest. It might be borderline unhealthy.

I digress.

The pin was a working one (thank God) and I clicked on through to Elm Street Life where I found detailed, easy to follow instructions on how to make this adorable little purse. So I followed the directions (GASP) and look what I made:

It's actually a very decent size, in fact... it can hold 2 apples, no problem! You know, if you get hungry from time to time:

Do you love the Navy Blue lining? Because I am a big fan. All in all I would say this project took about an hour and a half. But I spent a lot of time hemming and hawing over whether to use an off-white zipper or navy blue.

Because I have a thing for primary colors, I think I will make another blue, with some red stitching for emphasis. What do you think?

So you see world, I don't just use Pinterest to redesign homes I will never live in... I also find useful things to recreate! Oh Pinterest, how I do love thee.

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