Thursday, January 3, 2013

Angela's Surprise Shower

To continue on with events for my "A" named friends, I want to share Angela's surprise baby shower with you... finally.

A few months back I was down in New Haven with her as we did some furniture shifting, and general visualizing. There I was (Ms. Bossy Boots) telling her, "you need this" "you should get that" and so on, whilst she was playing the logical Mother-to-be, reminding me that while she would like to have a television, it is probably a better idea to buy things like a crib and a stroller, etc. And then she said the saddest thing ever.

"Well since I'm not going to go back to California for a shower or anything I really need to make sure that I..." blah, blah, blah. Basically, I didn't think it was fair for her to not have a baby shower after she didn't have a wedding shower. Let's face it friends... free gifts are the main reasons to get married and make babies!

No? They're not?

Well whatever, I decided then and there to throw her a shower and recruited some help from her hubby, our co-workers and her friends in CA. So back in December, we nailed it. Take a peak:

As you can tell, we had plenty of fun before the guest of honor even showed up! Fortunately, we had tricked her into believing she was going out shopping with another co-worker for maternity clothing. Even more fortunate was the fact that our co-worker went ahead and got pregnant so as to be very convincing. Meanwhile, Angela's hubby and I worked on getting the CA friends to attend virtually through Skype.

And when the time was right... we all yelled SURPRISE!

She had plenty of presents to keep her busy for a while, and friends from CA chatted on with everyone here in CT. Overall, I'd say it was a success, especially because of my awesome gift.

And maybe because of Scout...

Stay tuned for more stuff from 2012 as I have finally uploaded some pictures that may or may not have been on my memory card since August.

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