Thursday, January 3, 2013


Here's another look at the old poop table I gave Anglea for her Surprise Baby Shower - it was a steal at Savers way back in late October. As you may have guessed, I forgot to take a picture before I started priming!

After 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of "Evening Dove" by Benjamin Moore and another coat of Satin Poly (just in case) it was looking pretty damn good. I decided it to make it baby ready by adding a few baskets from JoAnns loaded with wipes, diapers, "potions and ointments" as Anglea would say, and some baby clothes that I just couldn't resist. Also, just in case you weren't aware... you can't change a baby on the wood surface. So I got a pad just to be nice.

Here is the scary thing to keep in mind: the table, paint, and baskets cost less than the tiny little bag of diapers and wipes... yikes. Glad its you and not me buddy!

More of 2012 on the way!

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