Friday, January 11, 2013


Here are some things I have decided to work on... you know, whenever.

1. Upholstered headboard. Late to the party, but ready to climb on the wagon!
2. Finish the 2 seats for my kitchen chairs. When I painted and upholstered the chairs currently at my table, I only did 4 because I knew I wouldn't have the table open for 6 in this house. But I should probably just finish the 2 seats for the arm chairs and get it over with.
3. I had an idea to make a round salt-dough disk and stamp the word "EAT" or "DRINK" towards the top. Then I'm going to dip the bottom in chalkboard paint. See then? I can label the actual drink in chalk, with the instruction to "drink" being permanent.
4. Finish my Gramma's table. I decided to paint it and sell it, but now she is claiming she wants the painted table. I don't believe her, but I should get it back to her so that she can stop using her outdoor table.
5. Switch bedrooms. It seems likely that we will be stuck in our house for a bit... mostly because there is nothing on the market that we like or want. So in an effort to preserve my sanity  I think I may move our bedroom down the hall to the only bedroom that doesn't share a wall/hall-wall with the other side of the house.

Just so you know.

And here is some Eye Candy, for your personal "Ooo-ing" and "Ahhh-ing"

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