Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cocoa Party!

I'm not going to get too wordy today, just wanted to share another funtastic time had back in December, 2012. My cousin Steffie had the genius idea to throw a cocoa party complete with gingerbread house constructing, Christmas movie watching and lots of references to my superiority as Head Cousin. 


And then there was the gingerbread construction... as you can see from the evidence below, I am far more skilled at building gingerbread houses than my poor minions cousins. 

4 walls up before anyone else has 1!

Olivia holding her house together before one of the million collapses... stick with acting Liv, you are no architect!

what's that? My house has a chimney before the others have roofs?!
and then Caitlin spilled those little ball things... world's most hilarious sound!

Why yes, I did have a snowman and a candy cane tree in my yard

Unfortunately, most cousins did not finish by the time I had to leave... which was roughly 3 hours after we started. But hey, that's what Head Cousins do, right? Lead by example?

It was great fun, and should surely become an Annual Hummer Event.

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